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​    Job Readiness & Sustainability Training Program
          Under the resource umbrella, we offer a job readiness and sustainability training program. The goal of our Job Readiness & Sustainability Training Program is to help displaced adults and those with challenged backgrounds achieve economic and emotional self sufficiency. We seek to address the underlying causes of economic dependencies and recidivism. 
      There are several main purposes such as: 1) Promote offenders successful re-entry into the community by partnering and collaboration, 2) Applies “one stop shop” concept and 3) Focus on prevention, accountability and meeting the needs such as substance abuse counseling, behavior modification and employment referrals.
        Our participants/employees are mandated through a Step by Step process to full time employment.
Employment Resource Center
        Total Praise Ministry commenced in 1997 by the Reverend Benjamin Marshall serving the majority of members from the Metro Atlanta area. In 1998, Reverend Marshall moved to Macon, Georgia and was named Pastor of the Mount Zion New Hope Baptist Church. As part of planting good seeds, Reverend Marshall inducted Dr. Evangelist Triana M Arnold-James as the new Pastor for Total Praise Ministry. Dr. Arnold-James under the guidance from the Lord, accepted the task that was before her moving Total Praise into a new era of ministry to include establishing and developing the church charter.
       Total Praise is committed to helping all people and serving the community. Within the ministry, there is a referral program for those that have dependencies, families in need program, feed the hungry programs, tax help and seminars, legal referrals, pastoral counseling, praise dance ministry and ministering the Word of God.         Total Praise also has a community outreach program such as Food, Toy, Book and Clothes Pantry.
       Dr. Triana M. Arnold-James was licensed to preach and teach the Word beginning in April 1997 and ordained in June 2001, giving her first sermon entitled, “I got on my new uniform and I am Armed and Dangerous” on April 2, 1999. Dr. Arnold-James serves as the Pastor for Total Praise Ministry, active with Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church as an Associate Minister, served on Advisory Council for Georgia Afterschool Program, past president of the Boys and Girls Club Parent Association, President and Group Leader for the Go Girl Go Foundation for Douglas County, Secretary for the Pathway to Manhood program, Georgia Association of Paralegals/Legal Assistant Mentor Advisor, National Association of Legal Assistants, Order of Golden Circle Annie B Gibbons Assembly, Order of the Eastern Star under the Jurisdiction of Georgia, Prince Hall Grand Chapter of Georgia and two non-profits, Hope Hall Foundation and The Perfect Pink Foundation. 
 Her quotable scriptures says,
 “The Life you Live, is the Lesson you Teach.”
“Trust in the Lord with all Thy heart and lean not unto thy own understanding”
Total Praise Ministry
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