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"no man is an island"
        The Susan Jolley Awareness Program Board of Directors is a combination of a variety of professionals with all inclusive skillsets.  Tasked with determining and promoting the organization's public-service goals, the board of directors engages in active strategic planning to achieve those goals. This function is so crucial with a variety of planning expertise who not only can bring their know-how to the table and help move the program forward.. To move the organization forward, every member participates in planning for its current and future success, as well as be in agreement when it comes to strategic organizational planning and implementation.  Some of the board members serves as advisers because of their wealth of knowledge and experience.  The advisers are important to ensure that the organization stays on the progressive track.
The Susan Jolley Awareness Program 
Board of Directors & Advisory Council
Mr Alaric James
Mr Jairius Robinson
Board Director
Ms. Sharon J Hill
Director of Public & Media Relations
Ms Judy Jones
Ms Shamichael Traylor
Ms Triana M Arnold James
Ms Jersey Arnold
Director of Marketing & Photographer/Videographer
Ms Mary Griffin
Director of Special Operations
Ms Dana Bowers
Director of Communications & Operations
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Dee Dee Pullens
Advisor & Special Event Coordinator